Friday, March 4, 2011

We've moved!

I've decided to move the website and the blog over to a different service. You can find a link to the new blog on the main page of the fxdoctor website or click here for a direct link. As of today this blogger account will no longer be updated.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Boss Rehousings: DD-5 and other 4 knobbers

Occasionally I'll have a request for a Boss pedal to be modded to the point where components will no longer fit into the stock casing. Some people prefer the stompswitch rather than Boss' switch design. Sometimes we just want a discrete or unique looking pedal that doesn't look like every other pedal out there. The predrilled casing pictured above allows for a quick turn around time. This one is for a Boss DD-5 which has the second large hole to accommodate a tap tempo footswitch. There is also room to add a reverse kill switch, a high cut switch (or even EQ knobs), and true bypass is certainly much easier in this format. Pricing starts around $50 without paint.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Phase 90 script logo reissue

MXR recently released a copy of their "script logo" Phase 90. This new version is far more accurate to the original than the standard Phase 90. This includes the six opamps instead of two or three in the reissues, full size potentiometer, jacks not mounted directly to the circuit board, and the infamous MXR foam cradle holding the circuit board in place. MXR stuck to the vintage theme and left out true bypass, an LED, and even a DC adapter jack! This seems like a great way for them to cut costs and cash in on the vintage mojo. While I had the pedal to correct these grievances the owner also requested an intensity control, pulsing LED, and Phase 45/90 toggle switch in addition. The end result is a very versatile phaser that still offers 100% of the original tone. Now if only MXR will stop using that awful foam to support the circuit board...

Friday, January 7, 2011

Boss DM-2 Analog delay clone

So after coming across two rare (and original) MN3005 analog delay chips I realized that they had to be put to use. The pedal above is based on the Boss DM-2 analog delay. Some improvements include upgraded opamps, better quality capacitors, and true bypass switching. Now if only I could find a white footswitch...