Sunday, August 22, 2010

Boss TU-12 tuner mod

Something about the mechanical needle on the TU-12 tuner just works better than the LED indicators. I find myself using the TU-12 over any other tuner but on a dark stage it can be irritating to deal with. Here is a simple mod to add an LED inside to illuminate the needle. You can see how much extra light there is on the right side of the display where the LED was installed.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Danelectro Danecho Buffer Mod

This post is for you serious pedal geeks. A common mod for the Danecho is to use a better input buffer to prevent signal loading and retain the clarity. In an attempt to show visually what is actually happening I ran a white noise generator into a frequency analyzer. The image below shows the graphs of first what the white noise looks like, and second what it looks like when run through the Danecho while in bypass. You must click on the image below for it to enlarge then it cycles between two images every 5 seconds so be patient. You'll notice a large drop off across the entire spectrum and the treble region (right side of the graph) is exceptionally weak with the Danecho in the signal path. Simply plugging the pedal into your signal chain with decrease your signal strength and clarity. The modification as well as other mods are offered on the "Modifications" page at

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Manual Flanger

Here's an old Cutec flanger which was modified to add a bypass switch for the LFO. This means instead of the swooshing sound the toggle switch allows you to stop the sweep wherever you'd like. It gives all sorts of filtered and metallic tones. The Depth, Manual, and Color switch function in both modes while the Speed control only works in the stock mode. This modification is available for all effects with a rate control (chorus, phaser, flanger, etc.). This pedal is available on the Fxdoctor Specials page for $40 currently.