Monday, June 29, 2009

Ibanez AD-9 Revival

Here's an excellent example of a well-used Ibanez AD-9. When received the repeat knob was about the break off, the dry signal was cutting out, and the footswitch was intermittent. The owner also requested a true bypass mod which is a bit more complicated by the limited space inside the pedal and the dry output jack (separates the dry and wet signal when used). After some careful planning this thing is better than new.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

New Ad

I just thought I'd share part of the newest ad campaign that we'll be running. It actually started out as a joke due to my compulsion for organizing. I think it came out exactly how I had pictured it. Now it's time to figure out where to print these.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Vintage amp switcher

This is for everyone that runs a vintage Fender amp using RCA jacks. Long cable runs can pick up noise and the lack of LEDs can be annoying. This adapter kit uses relays to switch the tremolo/reverb. This model is available for $60.

Monday, June 15, 2009

"Firefly" prototype

Well that's a tentative name for the pedal, but this is a noise generator that I made about 4 years ago while living in western Massachusetts. The updated version posted here has two frequency control knobs and a volume knob on the left side. This creates its own sound so the guitar input is only there for convenience for live use. Just plug it into your chain and you can run it through your pedalboard.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Close-up of the RC-20XL footswitch

Just a quick one in candy red- surprisingly a close match to the RC-20XL. The LEDs are always on and turn off when the footswitch is pressed. Makes it easy to find on a dark stage.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


One of the most common questions is what actually makes it onto my pedalboard from the massive amount of pedals I've owned over the years. Here's a current snapshot of my rig- the board on the left is mainly for practice, the right is my main rig for shows:

1. Vox wah - vocal mod, midrange, California mod, Fasel inductor, true bypass
2. MXR dyna comp- dying battery mod, hi-fi mod
3. EHX Big Muff based fuzz- Body knob, clarity mod, fat switch
4. Boss RC-20XL looper with 2 button phrase select switch
5. Fender PT-100 pedal tuner with true bypass (I prefer it over the Boss TU-2)
6. Right switch = momentary mute / tap tempo for DD-5;
Left switch = volume cut circuit (The Scalpel)
7. Ibanez Tubescreamer based overdrive
8. 8-bit Fuzz
9. Ibanez AD-9 analog delay
10. Boss DD-5 with high cut and reverse kill mods
11. Channel switcher for reverb / tremolo on my amp

Something new!

I recently decided to start blogging about some of the projects that we at FXdoctor are commissioned to assemble. Some of these posts will be restorations, custom-builds, prototypes, and repairs. The blog will be much easier to update in a timely manner and will allow the readers to give any constructive criticism. The input from customers is what helps inspire and refine our designs.